2020 AIA Middle TN Design Awards Winners


The AIA Design Awards Program strives to recognize, publicize, and celebrate projects that represent the best of Middle Tennessee architecture; projects that are exemplary for their thoughtful, sustainable, innovative, and well-crafted design. With juries composed of highly-qualified professionals offering diverse perspectives and expertise, all submissions are reviewed in the context of the project team’s goals and evaluated for thoughtfully designed resolution of those goals.


A jury of AIA Charlotte members judged the entries. Jury members were: Marley Carrol, FAIA, Jana Hartenstine, AIA, Kevin Kennedy, AIA, Taylor Milner, AIA, Melanie Reddrick, AIA.


Projects are entered under seven categories: small, large, small healthcare design, large healthcare design, interiors, residential, or unbuilt. The jury was encouraged to recognize and acknowledge exceptional design in the categories of Citation, Merit, and Honor, with Honor being the highest award


The AIA Middle TN Committee on Design was led by Board Liaison, Lee Davis, AIA of Earl Swensson Associates, and Chair, Nick Dryden, AIA of Dryden Architecture.

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