Board of Directors


The Board of Directors for AIA Middle Tennessee governs, sets direction, provides oversight, and exercises foresight for our local component. They are supported by the AIA Middle Tennessee staff who manage the day-to-day operations and execute the Board’s decisions.


Board Roles and Responsibilities


  • Must attend quarterly meetings and other meetings as assembled
  • Exercises foresight to look ahead to AIA Middle Tennessee’s future
    • Establishes a strategy plan for how to achieve that future
    • Allocates, stewards, and raises resources to attain that future
    • Monitors progress towards AIA Middle Tennessee’s future
  • Determines policies
  • Engages in outreach and promotes AIA Middle Tennessee
  • Hires and oversees staff executive
  • Hires outside accountants or attorneys
  • Each Director at Large is assigned as a committee liaison to provide a link between committees and the Board. Responsibilities include:
    • Discuss committee activities/goals with the committee chair before each board meeting for your committee report
    • Remind committee chair to prepare written report for annual meeting and to forward any budget requests for the following year
    • Forward any committee recommendations on policies or procedures for the next Board meeting agenda

2024 Board of Directors

AIA Middle Tennessee 2024 Board of Directors

Open Positions for 2024


Brief descriptions of each open position in addition to the roles and responsibilities already mentioned are listed below. Full descriptions can be found in the AIA Middle Tennessee Bylaws excerpt linked to the right.


Vice President


  • A 4-year position with evolving positions each year
    • Moves from Vice President (1 year) to President-Elect (1 year) to President (1 year) to Past-President (1 year) in that 4-year span
  • Performs duties as properly assigned by the Executive Board




  • 2-year term
  • Acts as a part of the Executive Committee for AIA Middle Tennessee
  • Responsible for AIA Middle Tennessee’s financial vision




  • 2-year term
  • The Director role directs and oversees the organization’s strategic initiatives and supports the development of long-term growth plans and profitability goals.

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